All about rose superior moisturiser - rejuvenating and hydrating, reduces fine line and wrinkles - relives rosacea
Healing Cream, Healing Shea & Natural Shampoo / Soap
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All Natural, Sustainably Sourced, Eco-Friendly, Zero Waste, Vegan Skincare.

So natural you could actually EAT them!

Successfully treating Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Rosacea as well as Acne! Treat your skin to a product your body understands & will thank you for.

Free From ALL toxic chemicals - Avoid harmful, nasty chemicals that damage and irritate your skin. Our products will make your skin feel amazing, thanks to their luxurious, natural, botanical and aromatherapy ingredients. Sustainable, plastic-free, Eco & Marine Friendly - beneficial to our planet, reducing plastic pollution, stoping chemicals entering our waterways, damaging the environment around you. Any waste is disposed of straight into the food binZero Waste – Return for Reuse. Return our empty bottles, jars & tins using a discount code for your next order, paying for postage. All products cleaned, sterilised and re-used.

Multi-Award Winning

Purveyor of Natural Skincare & Toiletries

Specialist Skincare of the Year 2021

Silver - Best Natural Skincare Company

Best Skin Healing Cream – Healing Cream for Babies

Best Baby Balm – Healing Cream for Babies

Why use my products?

They are Organic, FreeFrom all nasties - no parabens, chemicals, preservatives! They are VEGAN, NOT Tested on Animals and Sustainably Sourced

So Natural you could safely EAT THEM

Made using Nature's own Harmony "Essential Oils" & Moisturising Base Oils. By using my moisturiser and Facial Oil Cleanser together you CAN achieve Healthy Glowing Skin.


Essential oils have been used medicinally for thousands of years and when used appropriately pose little risk. Essential oils are obtained from plants and, when processed correctly, contain potent chemical compounds each with their own proven therapeutic properties. Not all essential oils are suitable however for use in aromatherapy. Some oils are carcinogenic, phototoxic, hepatotoxic, neuro-toxic and renal toxic. Others can cause sensitisation and irritation and should not be applied to the skin. Whilst they are a natural product - if unadulterated - they are also very potent and it is vitally important that they are handled with the relevant knowledge to ensure their effective, safe use.


Pocket friendly prices and great service




Customer Testimonials

Nicole uses Healing Cream, Healing Shea Butter & Facial Cleansing Oil for Eczema

I have suffered with eczema for 22 years, however over the last 2 years it has been very aggressive to the extent I was made bed bound! Finally after doing my own research and trying to find relief out-with the NHS and Dermatologists, I came across Julie’s products ‘facial cleansing oil’ and ‘healing cream’. Julie invited me to her workshop and explained about her products, why they work and what to look out for by way of additives. Both products have been a miracle to my skin as you can see, and I couldn’t live without them in my daily routine. Fab products that really do work. thank you so much!!! X x

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Stephanie uses All About Rose Moisturiser & Facial Cleansing Oil for Acne

Hi Julie, It’s so good to have some products that actually works for me. I was starting to get really depressed about my face, now I honestly feel better for using it, my acne has improved every single day! I am more confident to go outside without makeup now, it's definitely been like medicine for my skin, the stuff the doctors were giving me made it worse. So I will have to purchase more because I don't think I could cope without it, so thank you x x

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James uses Natural Soap & Healing Shea Butter for Eczema

I received a call from a lady whose son has angry eczema on his legs, as a footballer he was in pain and discomfort when wearing his shin pads! She used the Natural Soap and Healing Shea Butter, look at the difference in just under 2 weeks! She said, Not even 2 weeks I have been using the Shea cream on my sons legs, he has been suffering from this eczema flare up on his legs for a couple of years now and nothing seem to take it away, looks like I’ve found the little bit of magic that he needed? thank you for your wonderful creams xXx

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Holly uses Healing Cream & Healing Shea Body Butter for Eczema

Holly has Eczema of her torso, which starts from under her arm in a raised, tender and painful rash. She was given steroids by the Doctor from age 6 months to alleviate her Dry Skin. Her Mum tried the Healing Shea Butter for Babies and much to her delight she showed improvement after 3-4 days, with her rash totally cleared after 4 short weeks! Mum binned the steroids and “maintains” Holly’s eczema with the thicker Healing Cream and Healing Shea Body Butter.

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Anne-marie uses Healing Cream for Psoriasis

Hi Julie, my friend gave me a sample of your cream as I had Psoriasis on my hands. I used it for about a week when I saw the major improvement, and it’s been under control ever since – what amazing difference, I am now itch and pain free!!! I will be putting another order in soon as half my order last time was given to my daughter x

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Stephen uses Healing Cream for Rosacea & Dermatitis

I've suffered with Rosacea & Seborrheic Dermatitis for some years now, with frequent doctors visits. With nothing, steroid cream, solutions or oral antibiotics successfully clearing the problem for any length of time, therefore I've explored more “natural” remedies. I fortunately stumbled upon Anderson Aromatics during a web search and thought, I'll try their “Healing Cream". As you can see this cream with “all natural” ingredients works wonders. The improvement is substantial across just 3 weeks. So much so, I've ordered more products and passed it on to family members, so that they may also benefit.

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Beth uses Facial Cleansing Oil & All About Rose Moisturiser daily for Rosacea

This lovely lady tried everything the doctor prescribed to her but nothing worked! I convinced her to give my All About Rose Moisturiser & Rose/Geranium Cleansing Oil a try. After 3-4 weeks she was delighted with the results, she sent me the before and after pics. They speak for themselves!

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Debbie uses SAL Free Moisturiser & Facial Cleansing Oil daily

Hi Julie, this is by far the best moisturiser I have ever used (and I'm a fussy girl). I have been using the Sal Free Moisturiser daily for over a year now and more recently the Facial Cleansing Oil, it's fantastic, my skin feels great and is rehydrated! I get a lot of compliments on my skin! Me and my mum wouldn't use anything else. Many Thanks Julie x

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Tricia uses Healing Cream for Psoriasis

Hi Julie, this is the difference in one of my hands in just a few days, they are very aged even though I am only 54, due to years of over exposure to the sun and steroids in an attempt to keep my psoriasis in check. The Healing Cream is working a treat and I don’t feel worried that I am causing more damage. I am a total convert and away to order some Moisturiser & Cleansing Oil. Thank you so much. Tricia x x

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Vonni uses Healing Cream for Psoriasis

Thank you so much for my products. I have tried everything and this is the only thing that works for me. Your a life saver and skin saver! I am over the moon. You have put a lot of time and effort into your products, I am absolutely amazed by the results, thanks so much! Vonni xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Elizabeth uses SAL Free Cleanser & SAL Free Moisturiser as she is Salicylate Intolerant

I’ve just ordered my second large pot of your SALfree moisturiser & SALfree Cleanser which together with a strict elimination diet has helped me to be free of hives after months of horrible discomfort. To anyone suffering from hives with salicylate sensitivity, I heartily recommend both of these products. Julie has been very helpful and friendly with her advice, she spent around half an hour on the phone talking to me and advising me on this awful condition.

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Thea uses Facial Cleansing Oil

I only just got around to using the cleanser as I wanted to use it with some lovely soft flannels but I kept forgetting to buy any. So, I finally went ahead using a clean 'spiderman' face cloth:-) Loved the step by step instructions supplied and the fragrance is SO good just as if I had just visited an extravagant spa. The cleanser felt lovely and has left my face feeling very clean and glowing! I'm now desperate to get my hands on some moisturiser. I am really pleased to have discovered Anderson Aromatics!

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Eunice uses All About Rose Moisturiser for mature skin

This moisturiser has to be the best I have ever used! I have abandoned my usual one which I swore by, until I tried Anderson Aromatics moisturiser… skin has never felt so good, it honestly feels fantastic and my wrinkles look softer... I am so happy! I would highly recommend their products!

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Kirsty uses All About Rose Moisturiser & Facial Cleansing Oil

I found this product by it popping up on my Facebook timeline. I am so glad I did, I have very dry, sensitive skin and get a reaction from pretty much every product on the shelves. I received my moisturiser and cleanser and started using it that night. The texture is great and goes on really nice, the price is also very good as the pot will last a long time. These are great all natural products at great prices and the difference already after a week is amazing! Thank you so much Anderson Aromatics x x

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Marie uses Healing Cream & Facial Cleansing Oil for Rosacea

I have been using the oil facial cleaner and the healing cream for about 6 months now. My skin looks and feels so soft and it is healing my Rosacea. Julie made some all natural soap which I am trying just now. It’s a Shampoo and Body Bar, and is wonderful, it makes your skin so soft! I love everything I have used so far. Thank you Xxx

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Marjory uses Healing Cream for eczema

I have been using the healing cream for about 3 months now. My skin has never looked so good. The flakiness and redness has all but gone, my skin on my arms and elbows looks and feels soft, I am happy to wear a t-shirt now, it’s made the world of difference to my confidence. I’ve just purchased the Natural Soap and will let you know how I get on. Its just great having a soap I can wash with without worrying about Sodium Lauryl Sulphates! Thank you so much Julie!

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Linda uses Facial Cleansing Oil for Eczema

I have been using the facial oil for a few weeks now and the difference in the dry patches on my face is fab. I have always stayed away from oil based facial products as I find they leave a greasy feel on my skin but not with this oil, I’m amazed!

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