Chamomile Roman is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs used by humans. It is also the most widely used plant in the world for its ability to help heal an astounding variety of conditions.

Roman chamomile has many health benefits that make it a wonderful essential oil to always have on hand. It’s no wonder the Saxon’s considered it one of the 9 sacred herbs.

Allergy Fighter: It’s anti-inflammatory properties along with it’s calming and sedative properties make it a perfect essential oil when it comes to allergies because it helps to calm and relax the body while reducing inflammation and redness in the allergy flare-up location. Simply inhaling Roman chamomile essential oil can help to open the airways during allergy season.

Anti-inflammatory: It has natural anti-inflammatory properties which reduces pain and swelling associated with an injury such as muscle strain or wounds. By applying topically to the affected area, it will help to reduce swelling and bring relief to the area.

Antioxidants: It’s particularly high in antioxidants which help to rid the body of unwanted toxins and body damaging free radicals. It helps to boost the immune system, decrease depression or other mood disorders, reduce pain and inflammation all the while helping to build healthier skin, hair and nails.

Anxiety and Depression:  Its sedation properties help the body and mind to relax, helping to reduce the effects of depression and anxiety. It helps to lift the spirit while creating clarity and focus in the brain.

Arthritis Aide: It has anti-inflammatory properties which are known to relieve arthritis.  Arthritis can be very painful and debilitating for many people, but by using Roman chamomile either topically or orally it can help to reduce the pain and inflammation commonly associated with arthritis.

Cold and Flu Aide: It helps to relieve the congestion commonly associated with colds and flu. It helps to fight the infection present as well as helping to reduce the mucus build-up in the chest and nasal passages.

Digestive System: It helps to relax the digestive system aiding in many common stomach ailments such as gas, acid reflux, indigestion and nausea. It also contains properties that help to reduce spasms in the stomach such as cramping and constipation.

Headache Aide: When used in a vapor form for inhalation, it  can help to relieve the pain and inflammation commonly associated with headaches. It also has a calming, sedative effect on the mind and body which induces sleep and relaxation.

Healthy Mouth: When it comes to having a healthy mouth including gums and teeth Roman chamomile can help. It helps to fight off unwanted bacteria in the mouth helping to reduce infection, cavities and gum problems. It also helps to reduce the pain and swelling with tooth ache.  By rubbing directly onto babies gums, its a natural aide to teething.

Skin Care: It can help to heal the skin in many different ways. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it helps to reduce swelling that can occur with wounds and burns. It also helps to soothe and calm the skin as well. It can help to soothe nappy rashes and sunburns too, helping to speed up healing time while reducing the pain, inflammation and swelling in those affected areas.

It can also help to heal and reduce the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and bruises because of its soothing and anti-inflammation properties. It has also been known to help in reducing signs of aging such as dark spots and fine lines. It can also help to reduce the signs of dandruff and fade scars naturally.

Sleeping Aide: Due to it’s natural sedative properties it makes it a perfect essential oil to help with sleeplessness. It helps to relax and calm the mind and body helping to increase sleep; increasing the quantity, quality and depth of sleep. It helps to ease the mind calming the brains function while trying to get to sleep reducing the over activity that can occur while a person is trying to fall asleep; which means a person is able to fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer.

Stress Aide: It’s natural sedative and calming properties make it perfect for helping to reduce stress. It helps to calm the body and the mind allowing a person to be more relaxed and helps to induce a better nights rest or sleep as well as helping to reduce anxiety and depression which can be associated with high stress individuals.

Wound Care: It aids the healing of wounds. It helps to reduce inflammation and pain in the affected area while helping to speed up healing. It helps to soothe irritated areas while reducing redness. It also works as an antibacterial to help keep the wound clean and protect from infection.


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