I am delighted to announce that I will no longer be using Beeswax in any of my products!

I pride myself on purchasing “sustainably sourced ingredients” however, there is always the possibility that bees have been roughly handled or worse, harmed during beeswax harvesting.   To make matters more complex, those of us who are committed to using natural beauty products find that beeswax-laden products seem to saturate the green beauty market—particularly in lip products and mascaras.

So, to ensure the safety of Bees, I have researched in depth and found an alternative plant based product that mimics the skin moisturising and hydrating benefits of beeswax.

I will use Olive Oil Wax going forward (Latin Name: Olea Europa – Tocopherol)

Olive Wax is the perfect (and almost very obvious) substitute: it hardens and gives a similar feel to beeswax, and is highly compatible with the skin, having emollient (softening and soothing) and antioxidant properties. The hard wax is made during a process of blending different olive oil fractions, during which no chemicals or foreign matter are used, guaranteeing the purity of the end product.

Because of this purity, Olive Wax is ideally suited to beauty products, but is also used in candle making, and even some hair products too.

Who is it suitable for? All skin types, especially those with dry skin, or who are looking for an anti-aging aid – the natural essential fatty acids olive wax contains are reported to be an essential ingredient for this!

N.B. There will be a lot of changed required, updating of my website product information, labels etc, so please DO bare with me during the initial changeover.
**I will soon be changing my packaging back to Glass Jars & Bottles, however this will have an impact on postage costs and packaging to ensure the products arrive intact.