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My name is Julie Anderson McKee, I qualified as a Clinical Aromatherapist in 2004.  I was awarded the SQA Higher National Unit Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy, accredited by the Guild of Complementary Practitioners.  This course included the study of Anatomy, Physiology, Swedish & Aromatherapy Massage as well as the intensive study of “The Therapeutic abilities of 50 Essential Oils”.


Whilst working as a Clinical Aromatherapy Masseuse, I started making Natural Dry Skin Cream for my family, who have Eczema and Psoriasis since 2004.  They no longer use steroidal creams, much to my delight!  My daughter’s eczema has been managed for over 8 years with my baby and child range of Healing Cream and Healing Shea Butter.  
I started gifting my products to friends, and friends of friends, whose partners and children were affected by dry skin conditions.  I received fantastic feedback and achieved results in effectively treating Eczema, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Acne, Skin Tags, Viral Infections and the treatment of burns, bites, stings and healing scars, scabs etc.


I made my own Facial Moisturiser using my favourite of all Essential Oils Rose and “All About Rose” was born.  I made varying types for the younger client, for men and included a Salicylate Free version.  My Moisturisers all have a natural sheen, and many of my clients (and myself) find that they no longer need to use foundation.  Please see my Reviews.


Pocket friendly prices and great service

It has taken a lot of hard work and research to get to this point, over 5 years in fact, self funded and with a lot of blood, sweat and some tears.  There are very strict guidelines to be followed when making and placing  a cosmetic product onto the market.  All of my products have passed safety testing and are notified on the centralised European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal.  This is the main regulatory body for finished cosmetic products when placed on the EU market. It strengthens the safety of cosmetic products which reinforces product safety, while taking into consideration the latest technological developments, including the possible use of nanomaterials.

I’ve taken my dream from concept to reality and my Anderson Aromatics product range is launched.  I can now sell my natural skin care products, whilst encouraging more people to go down the “natural” skincare route.  I am passionate about it!

By using my Moisturisers alongside my Facial Cleansing Oil you CAN achieve healthy, glowing skin!

Treat your skin to a product your body understands and will thank you for!

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