Your skin needs vitamins A, C & E to stay healthy!?


But most people aren’t getting their fill.  

My Rose Products have all of those vitamins and MORE!  AND they have the same PH as your skin, so they can balance out all skin types!

Perhaps your “shop bought” moisturiser is filled with chemical preservatives and fragrance which undo all the wonderful organic ingredients in them.

Well, you can get your daily vitamin boost by using my Rose Serum Moisturising Oil, or All About Rose Moisturiser.  In fact, a double dunt would be to cleanse with my Facial Cleansing Oil, then your guaranteed to have your fill. 

By using my Natural, FreeFrom all Nasties skincare range & toiletries, you CAN achieve healthy, glowing skin!

Whats not to love!?

Julie Clason-Anderson McKee

Clinical Aromatherapist / Purveyor of the Finest Natural Skincare / Cosmetologist / Perfumer


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